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About ililily


We are curious about the fashion needs of our customers and try our best to meet their expectations. Regardless of the kind of design, material and graphic – we try our very best to meet all kinds of fashion needs that our customers have. Our only goal is to create and sell the apparel that our customers desire.

With regards to the apparel design, we always strive to present customers with the perfect item that they are looking for. We understand that our customers would like to become fashion trendsetters. ililily has begun to satisfy the changing desires of our customers since 2007. Our in-house group of designers carefully select the design concepts that would meet the upcoming fashion trends and personally design the items in order to produce and showcase these fashion items to you.

However, we are not solely dependent on our own concepts and drafts, as they are only the sampling process to produce the perfect final products. Our designers are always encouraged to think with a beginner’s mindset and to draft designs that are stylish yet practical. The most important element in their design concept is to meet the current and upcoming fashion trends. We are able to produce this with our cutting edge system and our eye for detail for fashion trends and designs.

Our goal is to produce fashion items that are perfect in all aspects. In order to achieve this, we involve ourselves in the design and production process wholeheartedly. We begin with the careful selection of design concept, color, texture and fabric, followed by the making of samples, real life model fitting and eventually producing the final product. We pay attention to even the smallest of details during this process in order to ensure that you receive the finest product.

In order to satisfy customers’ needs and to prevent dissatisfaction from a difference in expectations, our apparel goes through the process of sample production and real life model fitting before manufacture. During this process, we strive to provide you with better quality item by adjusting their size measurements and quality accordingly. This is a job operation in which the superior quality and fit of the apparel are tested rigorously. In addition to this, we continuously compare and evaluate our previous fashion items to order to produce and present more beautiful, comfortable and attractive apparel to you.